Serve to play: Local organizations create new model for youth to play futsal, volunteer together

SOL of the Cities Futsal League

Many families are now thinking about getting their kids involved in sports again. You usually play for them to play, but some organizations created a new model, 'serving to play, where volunteering is front and center.'

'You will play, serve, and have a meal,' said Mario Wimberly, chief visionary officer of TC Sol Futsal.

Young people will work together on and off the court.

'We very intentionally are going to be mixing up the different communities, to do these service projects, and now they're going to have a full hour to get to know each other, work, serve the community, and do it as a team, do it together,' said Kyle Johnson, founder and executive director of Karen Football Association.


Youth will learn to play futsal and volunteer.

'The biggest thing is how do we bring communities together. I think, one, we can do that through the game, right, but two, by having the service component of things,' said Johnson.