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Welcome to the Karen Football Association. We have use soccer to provide positive life experiences, and pathways to college and beyond for the youth in the Karen community and ethnic communities from Burma.

Karen Football Association

The Karen FA

Welcome to the Karen Football Association (KFA). The goal for our organization is to provide pathways for our players to college and professional environments, both on and off the field, using a holistic approach to development that emphasizes technical, cognitive, and social growth.

"KFA means so much to me. I never thought that I would be able to play in the US National Youth Futsal Tournament. I am honored to represent my community and showcase the many incredible athletes we have."

E. Wah

Youth Academy

Offering a program for youth in the Karen community that builds skills while keeping the love for the game.

Karen Football Association

Active Youth Do Better In Life

Parenting is increasingly difficult in today's society due to the impact of social media and its influence on children. This has resulted in high levels of low self-esteem and mental health issues, alongside a rise in obesity and alcohol and substance abuse. However, keeping children active through participation in sports has been proven to help tackle these problems.


Less Likely to Face Obesity Complications

More Likely to Attend College

Score 40% Higher on Test Scores


Less Likely to Drink Alcohol or Smoke at an Early Age


Experience Lower Levels of Depression and Loneliness


Less Likely to Have an Early Pregnancy


Have Higher Self Esteem


Less Likely to Take or Deal Drugs

College Showcase Tournaments

Providing a clear pathway for athletes in the Karen community to access college or be placed in a professional playing environment.

Beyond the Pitch

Our goals reach far beyond the pitch. Our mission is to unite the community’s passion for soccer with the importance of gender equity, while giving opportunities to young women and men that sit outside the mainstream youth sports, and academic systems. Learn more about the Karen community, their history and culture below.

Culture + History

The Karen people began to inhabit what eventually became Burma about two thousand years ago. They traveled from Tibet and China and settled largely in the hills bordering the eastern mountainous region of Burma.

Gender Equity

As an organization, we know that it is our responsibility to be an influential role model for other teams, businesses, and organizations; teaching society, that women and men will always be on an equal on and off the field.

Career Development

The Karen Football Association is always looking for opportunities to inspire and mentor the youth and young adults we work with. We are excited to announce the digital marketing department of the Karen FA, KFA Digital.

We have created KFA Digital to provide opportunities to people interested in business, technology, marketing, design and entrepreneurship.

As Seen In

Thank you for the continued support from all of the media locally and around the world, sharing the stories of the Karen community and KFA. Read the articles below to learn more about the impact we are making.


Thank you to all of the individuals, companies, and organizations supporting the Karen community.

Karen Football Association

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