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The Karen FA Leadership team has a goal is to support the Karen community's needs and provide pathways to college for youth in the future.

The Karen Football Association

Established in 2019, the Karen Football Association became a member of CONIFA and sought to provide a platform for the talented athletes in their community through the National Team structure, all while promoting gender equity. However, as the pandemic altered life, the organization shifted their focus and created a Youth Academy to support children aged 4-11. In 2023, the association hosted their inaugural College Showcase Tournament and will continue to expand this event in 2024, concentrating on underserved communities and athletes who typically would not have access to the US Youth Soccer System. These tournaments provide opportunities for athletes to pursue their passion for soccer and increase their chances of attending colleges and universities. Despite their successes, the Karen Football Association still aims to explore the Men's and Women's National Teams and ensure that both teams are driven by the community.
The Karen Football Association is a registered 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization based in the state of Minnesota in the United States of America.
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Executive Board

The Karen FA leadership team has a wide range of business and footballing experience, but  our values will always be rooted in the Karen community. Our diverse Board of Directors is made up of a two-thirds majority women, highlighting our mission for gender equity.

Karen FA Leadership Team

Mohamed Malim

President & Board Chair

Karen FA Leadership Team

Tu Lor Eh Paw

Treasurer & Board Member

Karen FA Leadership Team

Lay Lay Zan

Secretary & Board Member

Executive Director

Kyle Johnson founded the Karen Football Association in 2019. He uses his experience as an entrepreneur and passion for gender equity, and working with athletes in underserved communities to help navigate the organization.

Karen FA Leadership Team Kyle Johnson
Karen Football Association

Kyle Johnson


Johnson has a long history in the local soccer community in the Twin Cities area. As an avid entrepreneur he founded and was on the original leadership teams of Joga Bonito, Like a Girl, Freestyle Underground, TAKA FC, and SOL of the Cities.

Driven by a passion for serving athletes in underserved communities and increasing access to sports, Johnson has been recognized for his remarkable contributions to the community. In 2019, he was among the distinguished few chosen by Major League Soccer (MLS) for his exemplary efforts in this regard. The MLS WORKS Community MVP Award, which celebrates individuals who leverage soccer as a force for good in their neighborhoods, is a prestigious recognition indeed.

Over the past nine years, his passion has been advocating for gender equality in refugee communities by using role models to inspire both men and women for the betterment of future generations. In 2023, he was presented with the prestigious National Girls & Women in Sports Breaking Barriers Award. "The honor of receiving this award on the 50th Anniversary is absolutely humbling. It is an honor to be recognized alongside the most extraordinary women who have and continue to pave the way for young women.

Soccer Academy Advisory Board

We are excited to announce the Karen FA Academy Advisory Board. As we developed our methodology for our program, our number one priority was getting advise and input from athletes in the Karen community, and what would be important for them. We have established a leadership group with a tremendous amount of playing experience and who are excited about the future of young athletes in the community.

Karen FA Leadership Team

Lay Lay Zan

Academy Advisory Board


Aung Win

Academy Advisory Board


Taw Bee

Academy Advisory Board


Lay Plah Cho

Academy Advisory Board

Karen FA Leadership Team

Pa Lu

Academy Advisory Board


James Soe

Academy Advisory Board


Mu Kue

Academy Advisory Board

Technical Staff

Our technical staff brings a passion for the game combined with the a genuine desire to provide more opportunities for those who sit outside of the US Youth Sports system. Their desire to help athletes achieve a top level is a goal for all.

Karen Football Association

Brendan Doyle


Brendan joined the Karen Football Association as Director of Football Operations in August 2022 in order to work with the members of the Advisory Board to develop a training methodology and style of play for the organization.
Through his dedication to coaching and his passion for the game to help grow a culture at KFA that will allow for players to develop on and off the field and increase the opportunities in the game for those players.

He holds a United States Soccer Federation C License as well as a United Soccer Coaches Urban Soccer Diploma. He is currently an assistant coach in the Minneapolis City SC Futures Program, as well as the Community Engagement coordinator for the club. Prior to joining KFA, Brendan was a staff coach for the St Paul Blackhawks.

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Thank you for the continued support from all of the media locally and around the world, sharing the stories of the Karen community and KFA. Read the articles below to learn more about the impact we are making.


Thank you to all of the individuals, companies, and organizations supporting the Karen community.

Karen Football Association

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The Karen Football Association is a registered 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization based in the state of Minnesota in the United States of America.
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