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2023 Women's Showcase Tournament

July 29-30 | St. Paul, MN

In order to increase opportunity for athletes from the Karen community across the country, KFA will offer showcase tournaments to increase exposure and help athletes find homes with college, amateur, and professional soccer programs.


Tournament Features

Through our community partners we are excited to announce the KFA Team Experience. All of the teams and athletes will receive:

Free Jerseys
Free Entry Fee
Free Meal Tickets for Tournament
Private Tour of MN United Stadium - Allianz Field
College Recruiting Opportunities

Team Registration

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Pre Professional Teams & Colleges

We are excited to partner with an ever expanding list of colleges, universities, and pre-professional teams for our women's tournament.

As Seen In

Thank you for the continued support from all of the media locally and around the world, sharing the stories of the Karen community and KFA. Read the articles below to learn more about the impact we are making.


Thank you to all of the individuals, companies, and organizations supporting the Karen community.

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