Karen Women and Men National Soccer Team I Play for you Lay Lay Zan

Karen Women and Men National Soccer Team I Play for you Lay Lay Zan

Lay Lay Zan

In this episode of 'I Play for You' we visit with Lay Lay and learn about her history in Thailand. Her parents teach her to hold on to her culture as she learns that the her past plays so much in her future.


“My parents didn’t want me to forget my people and they encouraged me to collect stories from my elders. So that we as the next generation can keep these stories and history alive. “


We are excited to partner with 651 Sports to bring you a 12 part podcast series featuring six Karen athletes, ‘I Play for You’. We dive deep into the lives of these incredible people and hear their stories of the journey they’ve taken to become the young adults they are now. We learn more about their families history and how they made it to the United States. We find out how soccer has become a part of their lives and why they play.

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