Keeping the Game Beautiful

The Karen Youth Futsal Academy focuses on the beautiful game. We have embraced the pick up style of play which inspires creativity, the willingness to try new things, learning from our mistakes, and most importantly having a good time. Our positive environments have created a space where young athletes are always encouraged, and are always welcome. It is through these core concepts that we have seen the development of athletes improve at a quicker pace.

Exciting Partnership

We are excited to partner with the Minnesota Futsal and TC Sala to enter two of our youth teams into competition during the winter of 2019-2020. This is an exciting partnership giving young athletes in the Karen community an opportunity to play against local clubs in the Twin Cities area. It also gives our coaching staff an opportunity to learn from coaches and take part in education who are with the United States Youth Futsal program. Visit their site to learn more.


Proud Supporters

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