The Karen National Team Jerseys

The 2021 Karen National Team jersey represents a storied past and a promising future. Our motto of “I Play for You” has incredible significance with this jersey. We include quotes from National Team players about who they play for. We also include the names of the refugee camps in Thailand and villages in Burma where the Karen community are from. Every time you put on this jersey you know you are representing something bigger than yourself.


Only the Beginning

Our 2021 jersey is here. We are excited to launch this reversible jersey. We spent a lot of time putting thought into the development and design of this jersey. Our main focus was to bring out the history of the Karen people while paving the way for the future.

A Significant Meaning

 On the back of each jersey we list the names of the refugee camps in Thailand, along with villages in Burma where the Karen people originated. We have also asked players who and what they play for and put their responses on the back of the jersey as well.


Warm Up Jacket

Our National Team Warm Up Jacket has the same significant words on both the front and the back of the jacket. We play for something bigger than ourselves and hope this can be a message to everyone who supports KFA.

Warm Up Pants

Our National Team Warm Up Pants are a great addition to complete the look. The high quality material will is extremely fitting and comfortable. Get yours today!


Athletic Partner Stimulus Athletic

We are excited to partner with Stimulus Athletic for our team wear. Founded in Minnesota, Stimulus had a clear objective: to offer designer made uniforms at a reasonable price, while empowering social change.


"As a former professional soccer player, I saw how many of the teams I played and coached for struggled with their uniform providers. From low quality, overpriced gear and the inability to customize, to lengthy turnaround times, the industry was traditional and uninspiring. At Stimulus, we’re changing the rules, combining eye-catching custom designs with cost-conscious products and an easy ordering process."
- Geison Moura - Founder/Owner


Proud Supporters

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